HPH and the Charity Sector

HPH is one of the leading firms of charity accountants and advisers in the North Yorkshire area. We are associated with the Crowe Clark Whitehill group of accounting firms, which is the fastest growing charity accountancy practice in the United Kingdom.

The Charity and Not-For-Profit sector represents a significant focus area for HPH, accounting for some 40% of recurring fees. The sector represents an important part of our corporate plan.

Our clients in this sector include local and national charities and trusts, including independent schools, a national healthcare scheme, a hospital trust, churches and faith organisations, pension schemes, housing associations, friendly societies and clubs.

We provide a high degree of partner involvement backed by an extensive structure of professional and technical expertise. Our 5:1 technical staff to partner ratio compares very favourably with the larger national firms where ratios are 15/20:1 and in the "big 4" where ratios are 35 staff per partner.

HPH has considerable and specific knowledge and experience in the charity sector. All our services to Charities have two fundamental aims at heart.

  • To provide reassurance to trustees (or governors, council or committee members) that their financial management responsibilities as charity trustees are being fulfilled.
  • To ensure that all our services are geared to adding value for the charity, so that every £1 of charity money obtains maximum benefit.

To do this we are structured to provide a high proportion of senior manager and partner time bringing their substantial knowledge of other charities to add to their close insight of their clients. Continuity of staff and partners has always been a major feature of our service.

Our size and structure enables us to offer a more personal service than the larger firms yet provide a much wider access to specialist skills and facilities than many smaller firms.

Our charities’ team is multi-disciplinary and includes taxation, accounting and IT specialists as well as auditors who spend a significant proportion of their time advising charities, professional bodies, and other ‘not for profit’ organisations. This ensures that our expertise and experience is concentrated and built upon in order that our clients receive the best possible advice and service.

We can draw from our wide and in depth experience of supporting a range of charity clients across the whole sector in terms of size and object, to provide all the financial and management services a charity may need.

Examples would include:

Financial Reporting With our involvement in the development of the Charity SORP we are well placed to advise on the presentation of accounts.

Auditing and Examining Providing reassurance to trustees and at the same time constructive, commercial advice to charity management.

Restructuring Assisting through a consultative, collaborative and sensitive approach to produce a revised strategy and organisation structure.

Information Systems Conducting feasibility studies, managing the tender and selection process and the implementation stage of fund-raising and membership systems as well as financial management computer systems.

Management Management of the day to day operations of an organisation or managing change in an organisation before handing over to a new management operation.

Taxation Advising on marketing tax benefits in fund-raising campaigns, using trading subsidiaries and advising on the taxation of employee benefits and part-time employees.

VAT The ‘simple’ tax that has become so complicated and expensive for charities. The opportunities provided by property planning, partial exemption methods and charity reliefs.