Marketing strategies

The marketing process for all organisations starts by addressing the three questions: Where are we now? Where would we like to be? How do we get there? Getting the best return from an organisation's marketing activities will always represent the real commercial challenge.

Marketing activities that employ direct mail, e-mail, website, advertising, PR, sales promotion, telemarketing, the salesforce and database on their own will rarely achieve their true potential.

Why employ advertising & PR to create customer awareness, when there is no relevant information on the website to help turn hard-earned awareness into interest and action? Why expect direct mail to create a response when there is no telemarketing follow-up? How can the salesforce work effectively without a clean customer database?

In conjunction with our marketing partners, IHM Services, our plan will deliver agreed sales and marketing activities, together with a twelve-month action plan, budgets, forecasts, duties, responsibilities and management review criteria.