Company secretarial

To help ensure that directors and companies meet UK Company Law requirements without the arduous task of form filling that that goes with it, HPH provide a full range of company secretarial services, including:

  • acting as Registered Office
  • maintenance of Statutory Registers
  • holding the Statutory Registers
  • preparation of Dividend Certificates
  • preparation of annual Board and AGM minutes
  • completion of Elective Resolutions
  • preparation of ad hoc minutes and resolutions
  • completion and filing of annual returns with Companies House
  • completion of forms relating to changes of directors and secretaries
  • ad hoc secretarial services

Annual accounts must be filed with Companies House within a set time frame to ensure penalty charges are not incurred.

These deadlines are currently set at:

  • Public company - within 6 (six) months of the year-end
  • Private company - within 9 (nine) months of the year-end

Further submission deadlines are imposed for the filing of forms and resolutions; however, these vary according to the form and do not generally carry penalties.